Tyga’s Tour Bus Gets Shot Up & Honey Cocaine Was Shot (Video)

March 20, 2012 0

tumblr_lsiv2n3aHQ1r4o1kwo1_500 Tyga's Tour Bus Gets Shot Up & Honey Cocaine Was Shot (Video)

People in Nebraska aren’t sweet like money. Following his performance for his Careless World tour in Nebraska, Tyga was confronted with bullets after an altercation indoors spilled outside. While on stage, Tyga’s performance was interrupted with items flying on stage and that didn’t sit well with Tyga, as you can see in the clip below.

After talking tough and asking the people responsible to “meet me outside”, Tyga continued his set before exiting the stage. But once outside, gunmen opened fired on Tyga’s tour bus as it sped away, striking his female artist Honey Cocaine. She is doing fine and immediately took to her Twitter to address the situation:

“I’m ok, we all ok. What happened, happened.. God loves me and he loves you. Got shot and I’m not dead. #LoveLifeAndGod. Thanks for the love and Karma is a bitch.”- Honey Cocaine

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