WIN 2 Tickets To See Joe Budden This Friday In Philly At The Trocadero Theater via HHS1987

November 15, 2012 11

WIN 2 Tickets To See Joe Budden This Friday In Philly At The Trocadero Theater via HHS1987

Slaughter House front man Joe Budden will be performing Friday, Nov. 16th in Philly at Trocadero Theater  for the second date on his “The Second First Impressions” tour. His upcoming shows will be leading up to the release of his new mixtape, “A Loose Quarter” on 11/23/12-Black Friday.

HipHopSince1987 is giving away 2 tickets to see Joe Budden in Philadelphia this Friday, November 16th at the Trocadero Theater. There will only be one winner. The contest ends at 12 noon on 11/16/12!!!!

There are THREE ways to win:

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We will pick a winner at random by Friday, November 16th at noon. The winner will be notified by email. Good luck!

Never win anything? Tickets are still available here.

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  • CortesWay

    I feel like I can relate to his lyrics joe is underrated emcee he does it for dads like me that try to be there for there son

  • Neef

    my favorite joe budden song is pray for me.. it was such a powerful song. the way he held the conversation while gettin out his frustration while god is telling him he dont put him in a position he couldnt handle

  • Katherine Cannon

    My favorite Joe Budden song is Dear Diary.. Anyone who listens to that song can relate to it, it shows a real side to Budden. I deserve to go to this show because I’m a true fan, there’s a lot of female Budden fans who like him because of his popularity IE his IG and his public persona, but I love his lyrics and music general

  • If you could ask any of my friends, I usually am the one who introduced them to Joe budden music. When you consider yourself an artist you often learn from other artists you listen to. My favorite Joe budden song is a tie between pray for me, ordinary love shit 1,2,&3, and short summer. Joe budden is very underrated and is helping lyricism become more recognized in a watered down version of hip hop today.

  • DatDude

    The first Joe Budden song I truly won me over as a fan was his Broken Wings freestyle, but as far as my favorite song I would have to be between OLS3, Follow My Lead, Black Cloud. I feel like between those three songs you can get a great feel in the way Budden is versatile with his rapping. I have already seen Budden perform but I had to cover the event and didnt fully get to enjoy it as much as I wanted and I would love to get to finally actually enjoy a Joe Budden show.

  • Smooth Eddie

    “All Of Me” is my hands down favorite joe budden song. That song has changed my life because of the realness it contains. Every time I hear it, it brings chills. It also brings tears to my eyes every so often because of how much I relate to the situations he’s touching on throughout the song

  • been a budden fan/supporter since 2003, I own copies of all his albums mixtapes from his self titled debut to padded room to mood muzik 1 though 4.5 and both slaughterhouse albums. I’ve been to every show he’s ever had in philly and even took a trip to new york to see him live in 08. it’s literally impossible to pick a favorite song from him, I have a hard time even narrowing down a top 10 list of favoirtes. it really depends on the mood which is what makes his music so special

  • Been riding with him since I heard that NBA song on an old Clue tape back in 2002. While it’s hard to pick one I’ll say my favorite Joe Budden song is 10 Minutes. The fact that he could carry such a lyrically profound story over such a long track without losing the listeners is an amazing task. The hook connects to my life a lot as well as there are constantly days where I find myself missing my father too.

    I deserve to win these tickets because the show is on my birthday. I can’t think of a better way to bring in my 25th than seeing one of my favorite rappers live with my friends.

  • George

    My favorite joe budden song is “pray for me” and his verse on “truth or truth”. I feel I should win these tickets because I relate to Joe Buddens music as far as life experiences with family in relationships with women even down to our struggle with addiction to pain killers, Joe and his music helped me thru the roughest times of my life and I feel his music helped save my life. Joe is an artist that can touch people on so many levels and help you get thru your daily struggles and remain strong and overcome stress, depression and addiction. I would love to win these tickets because of those reasons and it would be my first Budden show. Also he has Tsu Surf opening up for him and he is another artist that is one of my favorites he to creates music I can relate to as far as everyday life for an inner city minority male going thru the daily motions of trying to survive in a rough city such as Newark new jersey which is much like Philadelphia. Even if I don’t win I feel that sharing my story is dope enough because my favorite rapper may see it and understand my life and what he has done for a complete stranger. Peace and thanx for reading

  • ShardeeMckenzie

    My favorite song would probably be dear diary. It’s just a all the way real song and it’s relatable. I think a lot of ppl don’t really know all there is to know about joe as a artist but go off what they see and hear via twitter and IG etc…I deserve to win cuz I believe I’m a loyal fan and I never win anything!!! Lol

  • G

    Pray for me …. I belive i deserve to win the joe budden tickets because im a huge fan and believe he is one of the reasons hip hopbis not dead … With the holidays coming i just dont have the ends to purchase the tickets