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May 31, 2012 1

images HBO heads to South Beach for the @MiamiDolphins Hard Knocks via @eldorado2452

South Beach are you ready? After teams such as the Redskins, Jets, Packers and 49ers all turned down HBO’s offer to star in this season of the football documentary “Hard Knocks” they have decided to take their talents to South Beach.

In a city now known more for the Pat Riley formed “Big 3” or the million dollar scoreboard in the Marlin’s new playpen, the “Miami Dolphins” look to swift America’s attention to south beach in stride to the start of the 2012 NFL campaign.

In a division that is home to the talents on Tom Brady, Rex Ryan, Stevie Johnson and now Mario Williams and Tim Tebow the Dolphins don’t have many household names taking the field on sunday afternoons. Although the Dolphins play in arguably the toughest division in football they are putting together a good young team that could make some noise in the near future just how close is the question. As we look on to the South Beach edition of Hard Knocks here are a few Miami Dolphins players you should know:

QB’s: Matt Moore and rookie Ryan Tannehill will battle in training camp for the starting Quarterback job. Tannehill has recently become a hot topic because of his model wife Lauren Tannehill. Coming from a small town in Texas it all be interesting to see how the couple adapts to South Beach

RB: Reggie Bush – Former USC great running back who is looking to prove his critics wrong in his second year in Miami

WR: Davone Bess– Bess was cut from his Oregon State team and was giving a shot at the University of Hawaii. Bess was a undrafted free agent in 2008

TE: Les Brown– Brown is a accountant turned football player after running an amazing 40 time and getting the Dolphins to give he a chance. Brown never played football in college and was living in Palm Beach before playing for the Dolphins.

CB: Jimmy Wilson – In 2007, Wilson shot and killed the boyfriend of his aunt in Lancaster, California. Wilson was subsequently arrested on June 12, 2007 on murder charges by the State of California. Two murder trials were held and it was proven Wilson acted in self-defense. Wilson played for Montana and was drafted in the seventh round in 2011.

Other Notable players we should know about on the Miami Roster:

Rookie Head Coach Joe Philbin, Dolphins Owner Jeff Ireland, Jake Long, Vontae Davis, Cameron Wake and center Mike Pouncey.

 Are you excited to see Hard Knocks in South Beach this summer?


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