Miami Dolphins Hard Knocks (Season 7 Episode 2) (Full Video) (Chad Johnson Getting Cut Included)

August 15, 2012 3

Miami Dolphins Hard Knocks (Season 7 Episode 2) (Full Video) (Chad Johnson Getting Cut Scene Included)

On last week’s episode of HBO Hard Knocks, Miami Dolphins WR Chad Johnson said “if you pause Call of Duty for someone then thats the one” talking about his wife Evelyn Johnson. Chad also told his coaches he would get arrested over the weekend, jokingly of course. So after the Dolphins lose to MY Tampa Bay Buccaneers Chad and Evelyn got into a domestic altercation. Rumors had surfaced that Chad head-butted Evelyn, and he was locked up that Saturday night. Sunday he was released from jail and released from the Dolphins. Tuesday afternoon Evelyn had filed for a divorce.

Well on this episode you will see Chad get shut down in practice by Sean Smith #24 cornerback on the Dolphins.

Watch Chad getting released by the coach after his incident with Evelyn below.

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  • very awkward, and uncomfortable feelings as I watched this, everything he has done in the past ego wise, or unwise is now part of the reason for what happened here, (see TO)

  • best of future luck Mr. Johnson

  • Kaela Nute

    I honestly feel that the Dolphins made a huge mistake by letting Chad go and not standing behind their teammate! So sad to watch….I say come back to the New England Patriots Chad we love you up here <3