Is Fantasy Football The New Madden?

August 31, 2012 1

nfl-fantasy-440 Is Fantasy Football The New Madden?

With the recent success of fantasy football leagues around the world It got me to thinking is fantasy football the new Madden?
Many folks know the John Madden video game series has been on top of video gamers young and old wish lists since the early 90s. With the advancement of Technology over the years the gaming experience has only gotten more realistic drawing in NFL players to want to be apart of the games creation and for ESPN and EA Sports to house million dollar tournaments to be played. Madden’s success over the years has also lead to the game being released at midnight and for gamers, companies and entertainers to have overnight parties and release day tourneys.

Fantasy football has taking off over the last 3 years. What started as a game for football junkies where you win based on the players you draft and their real time stats against your opponents team and their players stats is now a game NFL novices can participate in.  With ESPN, Yahoo and being at the forefront of fantasy leagues now viewers watch the games with more of a connection to the game.

Mothers are screaming at coaches for not keeping their running back in on 3 down. Fathers skip church hoping to gain a edge watching NFL game day from 6am to kickoff and teenage sons and daughter realize the best time to get Daddy’s car keys and credit cards are on Sunday’s while Daddy is glued to his TV and Computer or mobile device tracking his fantasy players.

Fantasy football has changed the way we watch football games and has certainly become a household name. Fantasy owners all want to out smart their opponents and win their leagues while feeling close to the game a feeling previously only EA Sports and John Madden provided.  Regardless of the continued success Madden may always have Fantasy Football is well on its way of taking over and providing the ultimate user experience.

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