13 Year Old Chicago Rapper Lil Mouse EPK (Video)

October 20, 2012 1

13-year-old-chicago-rapper-lil-mouse-epk-video-HHS1987-2012 13 Year Old Chicago Rapper Lil Mouse EPK (Video)

Thirteen year-old Chicago rapper Lil Mouse recently released an electronic press kit (EPK) that details aspects of both his personal life and his journey as an artist. The visual is effective in a sense that it gives viewers a better understanding of the dichotomy of Lil Mouse.

After its opening sequence, the EPK takes viewers to Lil Mouse‘s home, which was recently renovated after being damaged in a fire. His mother shows various little league trophies the young rapper has acquired. Lil Mouse also bigs up his father, who is in the bing. “My daddy, yeah he been in my life my whole life,” says Mouse. “He’s incarcerated though right now, but yeah he been there for me. He helped me out with things; bought me a lot of stuff. He got me playing a lot of sports; got me riding motorcycles, four wheelers and all that stuff.”

The video also contains an interesting tidbit when an individual randomly reaffirms that the young artist writes his own raps. The smoothly placed “affirmation” wasn’t necessarily needed, but that makes the Chicago rapper’s material that much more alarming. For those not in the know, the 13-year-old is known to vividly detail street life and all the dressings (read: gun violence) that come with it.

Do you believe that Lil Mouse writes his own lyrics?

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