Jay-Z: #6 Hottest MC In The Game In 2011 (Video)

February 17, 2012 2


I still believe Jay-Z got OG points on his ranking, because everyone knows that was Kanye’s album that Jay-Z was featured on.

Only names left are Nicki Minaj (who didn’t drop anything in 2011), Kanye, Drake, Wayne, Jeezy & Ross. Jeezy or Nicki is not making the list.

#7 Meek Mill

#8 Big Sean

#9 Wiz Khalifa

#10 Wale 


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  • I respect the decision based on the criteria of the past year, But at the same time, Watch the throne grossed over 48million as a whole. One of the first albums to release digitally and not leak. This album changed the game, from the artwork to the abstract song titles & inuendos behind the concepts. Im noit buying that he’s 6, at minimum he should be top 3, no way wayne, jeezy, drizzy or nicki are higher. Only Ross or Kanye above him that is all. Lyrically its still nobody touching him. He still can change the way people think… “ace of spade” “hublots” “maybachs” … All Jay Z influenced, and its what everyone on this list raps about. Fuck a #6!
    – Skolla

    • Jay-Z made #6 cuz of WTT sales and the two big singles off that album… Besides that WTT was so overrated, it was an “okay” album and it was def a Kanye album feat Jay-Z on every song…

      Who raps about hublots? All I hear is Audemar… Who raps bout Spade? All I hear is Ciroc… Maybe Maybachs but they are the most expensive luxury car so of course rappers gonna talk about it…

      Fuck #6 that nigga should be #9 lol…

      P.S. 2 Chainz got robbed… Top 5 mixtape of last year #TRU and a ridiculous amount of features with everybody you can think of!