K. West (@DSB_KWest) of Headshot Records – Home Pass Freestyle (Video via @YoungBob_HSR)

June 10, 2012 0

K. West (17 years old) of Headshot Records - Home Pass Freestyle (Video)

As Young Bob makes his comeback to the Philly’s underground hip hop music scene in 2012, he starts by introducing his newest protege “K. West” of the 23rd & Diamond street area. After serving time as a young juvenile, K. West began to take his music more serious. While serving his time, K. West enhanced his vocabulary, gained more knowledge, and received his high school diploma. Be prepared to see and hear such much more from this upcoming star. Jump on board as he takes his ride to the top!!! Headshot!!! K. West will be feature on Young BOB’s “Only Bob Can Judge Me” album being released July 28th. Stay tuned!!!

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