Love & Hip Hop Season 2 Reunion aka (Reality Check) (Video)

February 7, 2012 0

21226221 by YardieGoals

Ladies I would like to hear your comments on last nights reunion. I almost feel Chrissy on the producer creating these situations in which altercations can occur. Congrats to Olivia for getting signed to a major. Yandi waas put in that position by Jim & Chrissy where she could make money by being herself and not “Jim Jones’ Manager” so Im not mad at her for leaving the show when asked. Kimbella, well she is the next Emily. As for Emily, her goal was to get Fab’s attention by doing the show, I don’t know if she succeeded but that was her goal, can’t be mad at her for that as I look back at the season. I mean the other girls wanted her to be a strong independent woman just to date and find another man but she would rather stay with the man she been with for 8 years, can’t knock her for that.

In closing Kimbella & Emily, @BWyche of is always looking for a girl just in case my current wifey doesn’t fall through. JK

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