Who Got Next: RazJah (**HHS1987 Exclusive**)

August 23, 2013 0

What’s going on y’all? I’m going to be starting up a new segment every Thursday titled ‘Who Got Next‘ that will  feature upcoming artist/producer from all over the country that are making power moves with their craft. Artist will be selected solely off of their body of work. So if you noticed you haven’t been selected rather than continuing to haggle the editors of HipHopSince1987, Check out the artist who HAVE been selected and bring the measuring sticks out.  If interested in submitting for next weeks ‘Who Got Next’ interview be sure to send background info along with 3 records to [email protected] #NoGimmicks

Want to give a big shoutout to VA producer, RazJah, for being our first feature for the ‘Who Got Next’ Q&A. The young talented catapulted on the scene after he laced ASAP Ferg with an ill intro for “Trap Lord”. Check out out convo below…


IMG_5943 Who Got Next: RazJah (**HHS1987 Exclusive**)


Tell us a little bit about yourself RazJah?

HighDefRazjah , Music Producer Out of Va , Founder Of HighDefinitionEmpire (RARI , K.Sess , Smoke1 , Prince, MiiaMonet , Pun) , Just a Hardworker Mane .

Being From VA which musicians or artist had the most impact on your music?

.. Really , VA is the home of the best producers in my Opinion , Timbaland, Pharrell , Lex Luger , KinoBeats, VERYRVRE , me, and a few more & they all inspire me to work hard and get where I need To be, Just seeing how they live now is like motivation for me to live that life becaue it shows hardwork pays off..

So your most recent work can be found on ASAP Ferg’s album ” Trap Lord”. How did that opportunity come about?

Well, when Drake announced the Club Paradise Tour with Asap Rocky, I found  ASAP Ferg under Rocky’s Following list when rocky had like , 2,0000 Something followers and I seen ferg was asking producers to send him beats, So I remember sending him like 8 beats.. He wrote back like  2 days later and was like I need, fulls to “Influence” (which I originally named the beat) and another track thats not released yet , and we just kept building from there, he stayed in contact and was true to his word so I respect him alot for that..

I understand you were at the Trillectro Festival this past weekend. How was the scene out there and were you able to rub elbows with some of the artist that performed?

.. Trillectro Was Amazing .. Me, KinoBeats (Co-Producer of Talk That By Young Jeezy w/ Childish Major) and my shawty, got a chance to link up again with Ferg and the mob and WILD OUT on stage , it was crazy .. Just me being there was an oppourtunity for me to network more with artist and introduce myself. Like, I was standing outside of Rocky’s truck and Travis Scott walks up, I give his homie some dap and says: Im Razjah, I Produced ‘Let it Go’ For Ferg and he goes, “Travis, thats him, he made ‘Let it Go’.” He walks to me and asked for my number and let me know he was interested in working. That was HUGE !! shoutout to Travis.

I know the phone has been ringing since “Trap Lord” dropped…What should we expect from Razjah before years end?

Just expect greatness, consistent work and sounds, and dedication .. I can reveal that I’m working with Tuki Carter from Taylor Gang VERY VERY closely.. waddup Tuki

If you could drop other up and coming producers some knowledge what would be the 3 things they need to have down?

Perfect your craft , network constantly , and don’t live by handouts… make sure all your relationships are strong (word to @BatmanVaPromotr)

Let everyone know where they can find you brotha… I appreciate the time, I’m signing out.

You can find me on twitter and Instagram : @HighDefRazjah , Hit me up, Lets work, Lets build, If you have questions, hit me .. I respond to everything . .



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