HHS1987 Freestyle Friday (10-11-13)**Vote For This Week’s Champ Now** (Polls Close Sunday At 11:59pm EST)

October 13, 2013 8


Each and every Friday, HipHopSince1987.com will post an instrumental on the website for ANYONE TO DOWNLOAD. All artists are encouraged to download this week’s instrumental and return it to [email protected] by 6pm Thursday with at least 60 seconds of a their rap, singing and etc. Please include a photo of yourself, Twitter, Instagram, along with the track you submit. No Freestyle should be longer than two minutes. (Any song longer than 2 minutes may not be posted that week).

The TOP 5-7 submissions (Meaning Not All) will get posted on HHS1987 Freestyle Friday along with a poll. The poll will close at midnight on Sunday. The winner will be announced Saturday and will be given a blog post on HHS1987.com, as well as a post on HipHopSince1987 Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. The winner must participate in the following week. If there is a winner for 5 weeks straight then he or she will win free advertisement placement on the website. Thats either a choice of 5 days on the top video box, or all 4 ads and background on the website for 5 days.

DOWNLOAD Next Week’s (10-18-13) “Represent” produced by HHS1987′s E Money (@emoneybeatz). E Money is 1/4 of the Beatemup Boys.

Make sure you follow @HipHopSince1987 & @Eldorado2452 on Twitter/ Instagram and Send Submisions to [email protected] Please submit ALL materials for HHS1987 Freestyle Friday by 6:00pm on the Thursday night before the contest (the earlier in the week the better). Any Submissions received after 6:00pm Thursday est will not be accepted. Good Luck to everyone who participates.

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  • Breez

    Dam the champ goin run with this one. Rock was cool

  • Cory Lane

    I voted for Rock Bottom last week. Hands down again this week. Good shit homie

  • Official Buttah

    From the bottom to the top… @rockbottom7132 is the champ again this week… He was really conceptual on the beat, it had a nice feel to it. Dom pollitt was a good spitter however, I think he missed the concept (Dear Lover) idk how na nittles for that many votes, he trash. Rs #ButtahFromDaBlockWasHere @OfficialButtah

  • SP Reek

    I like what Rock Bottom did with this track. It stands out. He killed it and he was talking about a chick lol

  • Neena

    Ok Rock Bottom I wonder what girl you talking about 😉

  • H Dizzal

    Rock Bottom made me a fan last week. Keep making that good music. You can change the game bro

  • Crackkk

    I like Rock Bottoms verse. The last guy was good. Rock killed it for the ladies.

  • Hak dollar

    Rock keep it up! I knew you would be something. You too talented. I hope they ain’t sleeping.