DJ Malc Geez (@DJMalcGeez) Presents – Dom Dukes (@Dom_Dukes) 14 min #MFM Freestyle (Video)

January 17, 2013 14


Philly native and WolfPackMG member Dom Dukes linked up with one of Philly’s hottest DJ’s (DJ Malc Geez) for this exclusive 14 min freestyle. Big shout out to Dom Dukes, DJ Malc Geez, Philly Heat TV and Bengy Jones.Follow them on twitter  @Dom_Dukes @MrBengyJones @WPMG_215 @DJMalcGeez & @PhillyHeatTV. Check out the freestyle below.

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  • Jasmine Walker

    Aww shit THAT’S MY FUCKING BABY!!!!! DOM DUKES!!!!

  • James Harris

    Damn this nigga hot as shit! Wtf bull come from on the real I heard of Philly rappers snapping but Dom dukes on a whole other level

  • Jazzy J

    Somebody Call 50 Cent, Jay-z, Diddy fuck it even Meek Mill DOM DUKES NEEDS TO BE SIGNED LIKE NOW! All the other rappers sound the same.

  • Pretty_Bad_Bitch

    🙂 🙂 I LIKE!!! DOM DUKES BABY lol Yes I’m a fan now Wolfpakmg

  • Heat Rock Mike

    Yo Youngbull fucking sharp on that rap shit for real and I cam across a lot of ass rappers & never have I seen a Dom Dukes

  • Smile Lover

    Imma be the first to say he smile is sexy as shit :))) & he got BARZ too lol I support him all the way

  • Mr.StealYaGirl

    Ayo I heard of the bull Dom dukes way before this join for real he was a singer before now he rap. Drake • 4 he nice

  • Chelle

    Sexy & Barz fuck all these other rappers on that bullshit I Luv Dom Dukes Ha! No what bitches

  • Fly Young Geez

    True. I Bangz With His Style & Flow an he really free styling on the real I can tell by the way he rap no written shit that’s how you slay the radio Dom!

  • O.G KushHead

    I rolled up an L & really say back and listen to this whole video. I can say with confidence that Dom dukes is the hottest Youngbull out under 21 and he rep his team the the fullest WPMG. West Philly To South Philly Stand Tall.

  • Fatt Boy

    Damn he really went in for 14 min tho lol Youngbull snapped out for real on these niggaz & he was bout to keep rapping DJ shouldn’t have stopped bull.

  • Making Money Dev

    HOT FUCKING BARS!!!!!!!! DOM DUKES!!!!!! Somebody get this nigga a deal cause half these rappers ass. And he came at Meek lol Sign Him Meek #DCR

  • Alice Sharp

    All I Can Say Is WOW!!!!! He Killed The Shit. Gone!

  • itattedthat

    my nigga a fuckin problem,, 14min all freestyle shit….this we to sittin around he just gave the radio sum light #wpmg #newgrind