13 Artists to Look Out for in 2013

February 4, 2013 10

We’re a little over a month into 2013 and I’m noticing myself listening to a lot of newer artists that everyone doesn’t know about yet. Some are more popular than others and some are truly underground, but I think that all of these artists will have a great year in 2013. This list is in no particular order but I suggest you get acquainted with all of these artists soon.

1. Rochelle Jordan

Toronto songbird has a LP out titled P R E S S U R E that you can download from free here. With her cool eclectic lyrics and the don’t knock this until you listen but Rochelle has vibe that I haven’t felt since Aaliyah. Yes, she’s that good. Not widely known, yet this songtress will make a bigger splash in 2013.

Watch the official video for her song “Shotgun” off of the P R E S S U R E album below,

2. A$AP Ferg

Harlem’s Ferg is part of A$AP Rocky’s A$AP crew and this Harlem rapper has made a big splash with his new single “Work”. It’s even a lot of talk about Ferg possibly making the XXL Freshman cover.

3. Rockie Fresh

I didn’t give Rockie Fresh a chance for a while. The 21 year old from Chicago recently signed to MMG and he brings something new to the label. & while Chief Keef and GBE are what’s popular in Chicago right now, Rockie shows us another side of the city because his music has a different content than the GBE crew. His recently released a mixtape titled Electric Highway that you can download here.

4. Trinidad James

I will be the first to admit I’m not the biggest Trinidad James fan, but he made such a big splash with his single “All Gold Everything” and he seems like such a good guy in his interviews so I have to give him a chance to see what he does this year. Trinidad James signed a 2 million dollar deal with Def Jam, the Mecca of hip-hop, so they obviously see something in him. I’m going to be watching to see what he does in 2013. You can download his mixtape Don’t Be S.A.F.E here

5. Danny Brown

Danny Brown has actually been around for a while and he was even featured on XXL’s 2012 Freshman list but I feel like he didn’t pop off in 2012 the way I expected. I’m pretty sure the Detroit rapper will get his just due in 2013.

It’s a interview video with A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown that you should watch because part of Danny Brown’s attraction is his personality. He’s hilarious even in his music. Watch the video here.

6. Macklemore

Macklemore has actually been around for a long time , releasing his first mixtape in 2000. He was also featured on XXL’s 2012 Freshman cover and got really popular in 2012 with his song “Thrift Shop” receiving over 80 million YouTube views, but i see Macklemore getting even bigger in 2013.

7. Bridget Kelly

Roc Nation’s Bridget Kelly has been one of my favorite’s for some time now but she may finally get the shine she deserves. Recently releasing a song featuring Meek Mill Ms. Kelly is finally getting more main stream attention. & if Hov endorsed her she has to be good, right? Bridget Kelly’s latest mixtape Every Girl can be downloaded here

8. The Weeknd

Most of us have heard of Toronto’s The Weeknd having released 2 mixtapes that were arguably the some of the best mixtapes of 2011 and even going on tour with Drake and being featured on Drake’s single “Crew Love.” The Weeknd recently signed to Universal and released an album titled The Trilogy which featured remastered versions of his mixtapes and 3 new songs. I can see The Weeknd becoming huge in 2013, probably bigger than anyone else on this list.

9. Lil Reese

Lil Reese is part of Chief Keef’s GBE and probably the next up out of the crew. He signed to Def Jam in 2012 and Rick Ross and Drake even hopped on his song titled “Us” which pushed Lil Reese into the spotlight. He was gotten into a little trouble in 2012 that may have hindered his success but as long as Lil Reese stays on the right path 2013 will be his year.


Philly’s Ar-Ab was thrown into the spotlight when he released a premiered a vlog right here on HipHopSince9187. Ar-Ab already had a buzz in Philly but now the rest of the world get to see what Philly already say in the Philly native.

11. Earl Sweatshirt

The 18 year old Los Angeles native has been making a lot of noise with his group Odd Future which also consists of Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator. Sweatshirt took a break when his mother wouldn’t allow his music to be released and sent him to Somoa because of behavioral issues. However Sweatshirt returned in 2012 and has something to prove for 2013.

12. Ab-Soul

Although the list is in no particular order, I saved my favorites for last. TDE’s Ab-Soul isn’t as big as his crewmates Kendrick Lamar or even SchoolBoy Q. But one thing is for sure, he’s just as great. Ab is a lyricists and released the best Indie album of 2012, Control System. Control System can definitely rival many mainstream albums of 2012.

13. Joey Bada$$

It’s hard to believe this Brooklyn MC is only 18 years old and was only 17 when he released 1999 which was a mixtape that could rival some of the best albums of 2012. Joey Bada$$ has a 90 flow and even gives me an Illmatic feel in a few songs. Since 1999, Joey released 2 more mixtapes, Rejex featured songs that didn’t make 1999 & P.E.E.P The aPROcalypse which is a mixtape his released with his crew Pro Era. Joey Bada$$ is going to be huge in 2013 and I’m positive that he’ll make the XXL Freshman cover this year.

Download 1999 & P.E.E.P The aPROcalypse

(RIP Capital STEEZ, member of Pro Era who committed suicide in late 2012. STEEZ deserves a special shoutout because he would have definitely made this list)


Honorable mentions: Action Bronson, Pro Era, Kid Ink, Angel Haze

We want to know that you think. Are there anymore artists to look out for in 2013? Let us know

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