[Day 14] Bruce Babbi – 30 For THIRTY DMV Freestyle (Video)

May 15, 2013 1

Bruce Babbi spits his 30 for Thirty DMV (DC, Maryland, Virgina) freestyle for the HHS1987 cameras. HHS1987 presents 30 for Thirty, 30 days, 30 freestyles, 30 different rappers. All shot & edited by Rick Dange.

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Day 1: Fat Trel http://youtu.be/Jpl3walSo-c
Day 2: Rum http://youtu.be/R6ea2ZH3rLQ
Day 3: Chaz French http://youtu.be/w8Dq-6myrVM
Day 4: Derek 32Zero http://youtu.be/6dvzjwLfios
Day 5: Shy Glizzy http://youtu.be/5jto1v0DGYM
Day 6: Kingpen Slim http://youtu.be/ww1SPD2vWlI
Day 7: Lyriciss http://youtu.be/OvNgiIZDOjE
Day 8: Phil The Thrill http://youtu.be/Dlk4UjbMf6g
Day 9: AP The Prince http://youtu.be/hEMwkSCd81Y
Day 10: Phil Ade http://youtu.be/JEy0WyhlGTE
Day 11: Jay Mills http://youtu.be/WdvKXJH7bFw
Day 12: Tese Fever http://youtu.be/MSafIMDWyRc
Day 13: Lightshow http://youtu.be/4lyU6_9s4S4

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