Jagged Edge Talks “J.E Heartbreak II”, Reuniting With Jermaine Dupri, The Rebirth Of R&B & More With HHS1987 (Video)

October 28, 2014 0


Atlanta is currently known for its Trap style, strip clubs and the film industry but what many forget is that Atlanta was the home of R&B in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Many believe that R&B is no longer what it was when love was highlighted. After a few years of not releasing a studio album, So So Def R&B crew Jagged Edge is back to bring new life to R&B music as we know it. Recently, HHS1987 linked up with So So Def’s own Jagged Edge to discuss an array of things.

We sat down with Jagged Edge to get some insight on their careers and how they have managed to stay relevant after bring in the game for nearly 20 years. J.E. spoke on the importance of understanding how to compose and how their individual life experiences help their music stay relatable.

We also spoke with J.E. on why they felt it was perfect to reunite with Jermaine Dupri at this point in their career. Having spent a little time on Slip N Slide Records, J.E. spoke on their reunion with Jermaine Dupri and what they hope their fans take from “J.E. Heartbreak II”.

The interview was conducted by HHS1987’s Eldorado. The interview was conducted by HHS1987’s Brian Da Director.

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