Black Deniro – It’s More 2 Da Story (Soundtrack)

February 17, 2014 0

Black_Deniro_AR-ABYoung_Chris_Murda_Mook_Gilli-front-large  Black Deniro - It's More 2 Da Story (Soundtrack)

Its finally here, Philadelphia’s own, Black Deniro releases “It’s More 2 Da Story” movie & soundtrack. The soundtrack features AR-AB, Young Chris, Murda Mook, Gillie Da Kid & many more! The film is about a young group of gangsters that commit robberies for a living, and their plot against a big time drug dealer named Flex (played by comedian Spank, seen on tour with Kevin Hart & more). Seems like a simple plot but trust me, Its More 2 Da Story. The film stars Black Deniro, Comedian Spank, Cuzin E, Squally Gunns, Bread Billions, Dark Lo, Model Ace, YooSlim, and many others from Philadelphia. The cd/ dvd is available now for $20.00 with free shipping and handling here.

DOWNLOAD:  Black Deniro – It’s More 2 Da Story (Soundtrack)

Black_Deniro_AR-ABYoung_Chris_Murda_Mook_Gilli-back-large  Black Deniro - It's More 2 Da Story (Soundtrack)


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