Boldy James Talks About His Label Boss Nas

September 2, 2014 0

1x1.trans Boldy James Talks About His Label Boss Nas


In an interview with hiphopDX, Mass Appeal Records artist, Boldy James, shed light on his experience working in the studio with Nas & Mac Miller.

“Mac cooked up the beat from scratch… I see big homie (Nas) scribbling his shit, whipping his shit up, inking some crazy shit up. I’m over here trying to think, ‘What the fuck do I say in the studio with Mac Miller and Nas?’ I’ma do the best me I can do”

Boldy has always looked up to Nas as one of his favorite emcee’s coming up. He told hiphopDX that he could see the similarities betweeen him & Nas while they were in the studio.

“He a real laid back, smooth guy.. He reminded me a lot of myself, so I could see where the interest probably comes in. I’m not a real animated guy. You feel me? I’m just kicking the shit, talking my shit. Just like my dude do.. He was actually everything that I thought he would be when I met him. That’s not always the case in this industry.. You meet a lot of niggas and when you meet ‘em, you find out they some cornballing-ass-square-dancing-niggas and you lose interest in being a fan of theirs,” he says.. So, Nas was just a good dude. He was the nigga who I thought he was.”

Mass Appeal Records artists consist of Nas, Boldy James, Fashawn, & Bishop Nehru. They have all been working on their first compilation album which is said to be released today.

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