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May 2, 2014 0

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Canibus has released the first single, Pay Me In Gold, from his upcoming project, “Fait Accompli,” which is set to drop June 10th.

Here’s the press release for the album below:

The feat of releasing 15 studio albums is a testament to Canibus’ staying power and a feat that itself is allegorical of the album’s theme which is French for “Accomplished Fact,” an expression that is spoken to describe a process that is too late to change. A bold and appropriate description of Bis’ presence in the Hip-Hop world and of the album’s 17-track looking glass perspective of the contemporaneous world.

“It’s too late to change.” The album is focused on a reverse image of the Western world’s economic and social paradigm which stands boldly in stark contrast to the mainstream narrative. It depicts an impersonal and detached illustration of a dangerous end game of economic and social hazard through dystopian and prophetic imagery, but this time with a hint of indifference to the listener’s interpretation. Heavily reinforced by guest speakers, but far from lacking in substance and depth, Canibus paints his tracks with recordings of impassioned and almost crazed narratives warning of an impending cataclysm. Bis’ trademark lyricism almost seems to contrast and yet not discount these borrowed perspectives, as though he’s grown from a boy in his freshman albums, to a man, and now to a man of renown. It’s a curious and unique cocktail, possibly intended to allow an interpretation of his music to resonate differently for each listener’s own social perspective.

The phrase Fait Accompli seems to resemble the title of a chapter, the tale of the end of modern history as we know it, or at least the 11th hour of it, and told from a perspective that is not his own. If it is too late to change history, then Fait Accompli is an invitation to observe rather than resist. As only Canibus can, the title also aligns symbolically on multiple levels personally with the artist, as this is Canibus’ own 11th hour release; his final project, Rip the Jacker: Infinity is drawing near.

Fait Accompli features the track “Historic”, the first new Four Horsemen track utilizing all members of the super-group (Kurupt, Ras Kass, Canibus and Killah Priest) since 2009 alongside Queensbridge legend Tragedy Khadafi. The appearance of the Four Horsemen is conspicuous in relation to the revelatory motif and the track title as well, a perfect example of Canibus’ immaculate attention to detail; a trait that justifies Canibus fans’ expectation of immersion, imagination and meaning.

Fait Accompli is set to be released in two formats; including a standard 17-track retail edition and an extended deluxe digital edition with six additional tracks. Limited Edition Deluxe Fan Packs are also currently available via Almighty Canibus on Facebook.

Canibus Fait Accompli June 10, 2014 on RBC Records

Deluxe Edition Tracklisting and Credits for Canibus ‘Fait Accompli’:

1.) Star Spangled Banger (Intro)
2.) Fait Accompli
3.) Yellow Line
4.) Pay Me In Gold
5.) This Ain’t The Movies
6.) The Primary Axiom
7.) Orange Line
8.) Dyson’s Fear of Spheres
9.) The Principle of Equivalence
10.) The Rude Boy Oscars
11.) Sinflation
12.) Red Line
13.) The Last Christians
14.) God$Les$ America
15. Historic f/ The 4 Horsemen & Tragedy Khadafi
16.) The Future
17.) Star Spangled Banger (Outro)
18.) Wreck Room f/ Crooked I, Flawless The MC & Nino Graye
19.) Explanations & Misinflations (Bonus Track)
20.) Make A Sound (Bonus Track)
21.) Dutty Desparados (Bonus Track)
22.) Robot Makers (Bonus Track)
23.) Pay Me In Gold f/ Pyrit (Bonus Remix)

***All Tracks Produced By JP Beats

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