Jovee Benjaminz Interview: New Single “Is She”, Experimenting Different Genres, Upcoming Project + More

April 23, 2024 0

Jovee Benjaminz is an American rapper, writer, singer and record producer from the Tri-State area. With his flawless lyrical abilities, Jovee created a major buzz for himself starting from the East Coast that then expanded throughout the Country, to the South and West. Since then, he has been an avid traveler, including overseas, which has cultivated his content and fanbase.

Last month, thanks to my guy John Livengood, I had the pleasure of sitting in on one of Jovee’s studio sessions at Audiomack in New York City. He played me a lot of his upcoming music and I was very impressed, so it was only right we chopped it up for an 87 exclusive. We spoke about his latest single “Is She,” experimenting with new sounds and genres, his next album — and much more.

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Your new video “Is She” is finally here. What was the inspiration behind the record?
“The smooth beat and voicemail.. once I heard it I was inspired. When I was listening to it in my room one day I was like “now she sending me roses, room all grey and she taking pictures to post with.” Then the rest was history.. of me telling the story from there.”

The visual is very cinematic. Almost like a mini movie. Tell us more about the video.
“Yes, it’s definitely a mini movie. In the video, I start off by giving the viewer a scene of my significant other leaving a voicemail on my phone saying that she misses me. Then from there is where the movie begins. I show flashback events from the previous day of us returning home from shopping and I will soon be confronted about messages from other females in my phone. From there, I storm out the house with an attitude to go hang out with some friends and enjoy myself at the gambling spot. My life is full of these kind of events which makes it easy for me to write songs like this. I just tell it how it is.”

Last year, you released “She Is” — tell us the connection between that record and “Is She”.
“Honestly I didn’t [originally] plan to have a connection between the two records. It was months later that I decided on making a sequel. The feedback I received from “Is She” is great so I’ll be doing an entire trilogy. Yuu heard it here first .. get ready!”

I heard a lot of the music you’re working on at the Audiomack studio session — can fans expect new music soon to follow up “Is She?”
“Of course, I have a ton of new music that the fans will love to hear. I want to take care of everyone that I have waiting [haha]. I’m a perfectionist so I may take a take a little longer than the average artist but it’s worth the wait. My next project, “8 Figurz Vol.1″ will be dropping no later than June. You all will thank me and appreciate the wait once you hear my album(s).”

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One record I heard actually had a Spanish artist featured on it. Are you looking to collaborate more with different artists of different genres?
“Yes, that was a great session. The name of that song is “Pesos” which is off my next project 8 Figurz. I’ll be collaborating with a lot of different genres this year. Dancehall .. Afrobeatz .. Rock and many more. Pretty much whatever sounds come my way, I’ll be ready for. I travel the world [a lot] so I interact with different people and their cultures and in turn, I get inspired.”

It’s been 6 years since your debut album “Mind Trap.” Can we expect your next project anytime soon?
“8 Figurz will be a trilogy and I’ll be dropping the first two volumes this year. The first [volume] will be released in June. I have so much to talk about since my last album of 2018. You’ll also be able to hear music from me with other featured artists as well. 2024 will be a great year for me and my fans! Stay tuned!”

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