Ireland’s Hip Hop Stars Deserve Further Recognition

April 25, 2024 0

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Hip-hop is a truly global music genre that people all around the world enjoy. From watching videos and following their favorite lyricists on social media to attending shows and purchasing merchandise, Ireland’s population of people is also fascinated by the category and has even managed to produce their very own talented artists in this area. 


A nation that is associated with the ‘cutesy’ labeling of green fields and the shamrocks and Guinness that is seen in movies like Irish Wish and in games like Pragmatic Play’s Leprechaun Song, the Emerald Isle’s population of artists is defying stereotypes by showcasing the urban scene that is developing there. Thanks to a strong selection of clever lyricists from the nation, Ireland is now an emerging force in the hip-hop category, with tunes featuring an Irish twang gathering momentum in more recent times. 


Compared to other nations, though, Irish hop-hop is lagging behind, but there are some hugely talented faces who are contributing to Ireland’s rising scene with a range of great tracks that certainly deserve more recognition than they’re currently receiving. From speaking about local issues to covering more relatable global topics, the country’s strong selection of hip-hop stars is breaking down barriers and creating listenable music that might just pique your interest. 


So, if you’re keen to play your part in Ireland’s rising urban scene, then below are some Irish hip-hop artists to check out right now. 


Rejjie Snow


Widely regarded as one of the pioneers of Irish hip hop, it’s almost impossible to highlight Ireland’s array of prospects without mentioning Rejjie Snow. An inspiration to so many of the nation’s rappers today, he is arguably the country’s biggest export after producing some notable masterpieces over the years. Since 2011, tracks like “Dia Dhuit” have gone down nicely with Irish hip-hop fans, with arguably his biggest track ever also being accessed in territories around the world. Formerly known as Lecs Luther, there’s a strong argument to suggest that Ireland’s growing hip-hop culture wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of Rejjie Snow. 




The rise of the internet hasn’t just resulted in stars like Justin Bieber being born after uploading his compositions to YouTube, but also the likes of Curtisy, an emerging artist with plenty to talk about. Dublin native Curtisy is bringing something fresh to the scene, particularly given the rate at which he shares his latest tracks. At a moment’s notice, new tunes are added to Soundcloud, keeping his community of fans more than happy in the process, given the relatable lyrics he tends to share with them. 





A clever lyrical performer who burst onto the scene in 2022, Sello’s handful of tracks highlight the immense potential he has. The man behind ‘Gaelic drill’, Sello mixes Irish slang with English to create a unique listen, with tracks like “Dublin” and “As Gaeilge” being particularly well received in more recent times. Sello’s work is far from done yet either, making this gifted artist someone to keep tabs on over the next few years. 


Hare Squead

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An act that is almost impossible to put into one specific category, the trio in Hare Squead have clearly taken inspiration from other genres, such as pop and rock, to produce a mishmash of intriguing music. With hard-hitting lyrics and optimistic beats at the forefront of everything they do, Hare Squead’s distinctive sound is definitely worth checking out. 


Special mention must also go to Aby Coulibaly, Emby, Kojaque, 7th Obi, Bobby Basil, Mythill Grim, Sosa Sensei, TraviS, Malaki, Strange Boy, Jafaris, KhakiKid, Ahmed With Love, JyellowL, and NEOMADiC. 

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