El Gant x Chris Webby x Ill Bill – Three Amigos

June 4, 2014 0

BeastAcademy_650 El Gant x Chris Webby x Ill Bill - Three Amigos


With three different flows: El Gant’s breakneck style, Chris Webby’s rap attack and Ill Bill’s legendary heavyweight bars, “Three Amigos” offers the perfect blend legends and new school talent on one dope track. Whether you’re a new head unfamiliar with Bill’s classic catalog, or a Boom bap aficionado unfamiliar to Webby, Gant skillfully brings both artists together in a way that you’ll inevitably become a fan of both. Over this guitar heavy instrumental, JOAT (Jack of all Trade) provides a beat that begs to be rapped over; thankfully, the three emcees do it justice. “Three Amigos” is the lead leak off El Gant’s Beast Academy LP, which is set to drop next Tuesday, June 10th. For those who haven’t been paying attention to El Gant, stop sleeping.


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