Angie Martinez Talks Her Hot 97 Career, Her Unreleased 2pac Interview, American Idol & more on The Breakfast Club (Video)

June 24, 2014 0


To start the interview, Angie Martinez talks why now, why she left Hot 97, and the beef between the stations. She talked about it being all love with his decision, being a “vault” and not sharing her decision with too many people because of people’s opinions. She talked about every artist and every contact in her phone congratulating her on her decision. She mentioned Wale sent her a long email, and Rihanna sent her flowers.

Charlamagne talks about Angie’s interview style that makes artists feel comfortable. She said she doesn’t do things for ratings, and she wants artists to feel comfortable. She recalls her two hour interview with 2pac she flew out to the West Coast for. She said he ran all over her in the interview, and thats why she never released it. She said she didn’t know how impactful an interview was for the hip hop culture until that interview. She talks about how she was selected to do the interview over West Coast radio personalities.

Angie opens up so much she even curses on air lol. The Breakfast Club had to tell Angie where the bleep button is on the radio board. She talks about her interview style where she likes to have natural conversations with people, where she don’t ask research based questions. She talks about how media has changed over the years. She talks about Hot 97’s VH1 reality TV show, her feelings on it and more. She talks about being the fourth judge on American Idol but turning it down.

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