Atlanta Issues a State of Emergency Due to Snow (Metro Atlanta Home Depot’s Are Providing Free Shelter)

January 28, 2014 0


Much is being made about the snow storm that has hit the south and left much of Atlanta and the state of Georgia in a state of emergency. Although snow fall totals haven’t passed 4 inches, lack of proper equipment and the dismissal of schools, government buildings and jobs all at noon has caused traffic delays of up to 6 hours to travel 2 miles. Due to the storm many schools have been forced to keep their students overnight and drivers in some counties have been asked to pull to the side of the road until roads can be cleared. If your in the Atlanta area please stay off the roads as most roads are changing to ice as the temperature drops. If your still in the storm Home Depots in the metro Atlanta areas are all open tonight to provide shelter. Metro Atlanta schools and government businesses will all be closed tomorrow.

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