Dame Dash & Method Man Talk Battle Rap Game With Hip Hop Motivation (Video)

October 13, 2014 0


Dame Dash & Method Man sat down for an interview with Hip Hop Motivation to discuss the current battle rap scene & what direction its seems to be taking. Dash explains that battle rap has “positive momentum” & he sees a new industry forming out of it because it’s profitable due the way hip-hop is embracing it.

“The game’s getting exciting, you know why? ‘Cause rap battling is starting to get profitable.. The rap battle part of it, and Snoop [Dogg] and all the OGs are embracing Murda Mook and LL Cool J ‘cause that’s the essence of Hip Hop. And people are getting paid to battle, like a fight. I’m starting to see a new industry come through. It don’t matter how many records you sold, how much money you got — that’s just like boxing, when you in that ring, that’s all that count.”

Method Man, who has hosted a few rap battles himself, went on to elaborate on the fact that these battle rappers take pride in what they’re doing.

“Them niggas take pride in that shit outside of the money.. They want the money, but they take pride in that shit, man.”

Watch below for the full interview.

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