Lupe Fiasco Given Out Guest Verses To Up & Coming Artists For Only $500?

August 21, 2014 0

Screenshot-2014-08-21-at-9.50.08-AM-1 Lupe Fiasco Given Out Guest Verses To Up & Coming Artists For Only $500?

Yesterday, Atlantic recording emcee and Chicago native Lupe Fiacso took to Twitter to announce he would be doing $500 guest features for up & coming artists. Now before you que up your Paypal account and pre-maturely click send there are specific rules and regulations.

1. It’s only one verse for $500

2. It will not be a collaboration simply a feature.

3. It won’t be an audio file sent via email but rather a physical CD you must personal come pick up.

4. Usage will be strictly monitored.

5. If you would like to see the verse recorded in person that would be another $500.

6. The $500 must be given in cash in person after you’ve signed a usage rights contract.

I will personalize a 1 verse song for you. $500. You pick the instrumental, mood & subject. 1 physical copy which you must come pick up. COD. NOT a collaboration boys…those are 50k ;)…just a personal song tailor made for you…usage will be strictly monitored via contract. If you want to see it recorded in person that’s another $500 usage contract must be signed at pick up. Again these are not features…think of it as a mixtape with one copy with one song thats one verse just for you…for $500. After your tale is done You must come in person to pick it up with $500 cash and Sign a contract regarding usage rights. Pretty simple. You can always get Jordan’s and weed but your very own personal verse tho? Just saying…just saying…

If you can meet all those requirements in a timely manner hit Lupe on Twitter here and get the ball rolling to what may be your big break!


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