Mike Tyson Chooses Jamie Foxx To Portray Him In Biopic

July 26, 2014 0

Mike Tyson is currently promoting Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth a Spike Lee-directed video. The project has received tons of critical acclaim but the former boxer is ready for more. Mike is now talking about an official biopic and he wants Jamie Foxx to play him. According to Iron Mike he has spoke to the actor and “he’s willing to take that role and portray me as Mike Tyson, doing my life story. I think he’s splendid because he’s really up to par. I think he would do a magnificent job.” He went on to add, “I saw him the other night and we discussed it, he doesn’t have the physicality but he will. He’s able to get bulky, so he’s capable of doing it in the future.” We’ll have to wait and see if the biopic comes to life.

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