T.I. Voices His Opinion On Rumored Nicki & Iggy Beef As Well As Nicki & Lil Kim Beef

August 11, 2014 0

In a new interview, T.I. is weighing in on the beef between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj as well as the rumored beef between Nicki and Iggy Azalea. According to Tip, Iggy and Nicki are “not even in each other’s lane.” He went on to say the drama between Kim and Nicki is “complicated.”

Kim and Nicki have had beef for a while now, exchanging jabs on wax and social media. Earlier in the week, Kim reignited the issue with the release of “Identity Theft.” The cover art for the track donned Kim’s driver’s license with a photo of Nicki. “I gave birth to your style, now try to speak to ya mammy/Your team can’t fuck with my family,” raps Queen Bee on her new release. Like many of us, T.I. doesn’t full know where the issues with Kim and Minaj come from and that is why it won’t end soon. “I don’t know what started any of this, it’s a little more complicated to put to bed because of that fact,” he said before adding, “this is something that can happen to men too. It’s gonna put a chip on your shoulder in a different way too.”

Tip finally addressed the rumored issue between his protégé and Ms. Minaj. When asked about how he feels about Iggy and Nicki being pitted against each other he said, “That’s a little more preposterous like ‘what the fuck’ because they’re not even in each other’s lane.” While speaking about Iggy, the Hustle Gang honco teased that a collaboration between her and Lil Kim “could be” happening but would not confirm anything to Billboard.

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