The Real Story Behind The Black Guy On The Phone Meme

August 30, 2014 2

By now I’m sure you’ve seen countless memes of the black man with glasses on the phone. The man looks so stressed in the picture that was snapped of him and the internet had a field day, but few know the real story behind him. The man’s name is Martin Baker and the picture was taken at a rally in Ferguson, Missouri. Baker was the only African American who showed up in support of Darren Wilson, the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown. Baker, a former Republican congressional primary candidate, spoke at the rally saying, “People are too quick to play the race care. Lawlessness knows no color,” according to the Guardian.

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  • Jamal Rakilm B

    Wow who would have known

  • Commentator8

    I was better off not knowing the story behind it