5 Reasons Adrian Peterson Will Be A Dallas Cowboys Next Season

November 21, 2014 0

10608544_10152302249376006_6492514467484683830_o 5 Reasons Adrian Peterson Will Be A Dallas Cowboys Next Season

This has been a rough season for a few NFL running backs. Most recently, Minnesota Vikings was in trouble with the law due to child abuse case that was being investigated. Although Adrian Peterson, took a plea deal and didn’t receive any jail time, he has been suspended with out pay and many believe the Minnesota Vikings don’t want anything else to do with Peterson.

I believe Peterson still has a few good years remaining in his NFL career and I believe I know just where he will be playing next season, DALLAS. Many forget that the Adrian Peterson and Jerry Jones were in the headlines this summer after Peterson spoke to Jerry Jones via a phone call during a concert at Jerry’s World. As Adrian Peterson awaits his next move, here are 5 reasons why I believe Peterson will be a Dallas Cowboy next season.

1.) Peterson & Jerry Jones spoke this summer and Peterson told Jones he would like to play for the Cowboys after his time is up with the Vikings.

2.) Peterson is from Texas and with all the drama surrounding Peterson currently, he will return home to his roots

3.) DeMarco Murray will be a free agent and the Cowboys will be looking for a new running back

4.) The Vikings will be looking to move forward and looking to move into the Teddy Bridgewater era and will become more of a passing team

5.) Jerry Jones has a way of signing big named talent, when Jerry misses with Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray, Jerry Jones will need to sign AP to       have a big name in a Cowboys jersey. 

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