“Hell Of A Game”: What Richard Sherman Actually said to Michael Crabtree (Video)

January 23, 2014 0

Much has been made out of what took place between Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree after Sherman broke up a pass intended for Crabtree sending the Seahawks to the Super Bowl. After a emotionally interview by Sherman in which he called out Crabtree, Sherman was scolded by much of America and the media and labelled as a “Thug” and called even worse.

Sherman, who is a Stanford grad and native of Compton,CA gave mention in several interview since Sunday that he was mic’ed up and the truth would soon be revealed. Welp, the truth is here and quite honestly I’m extremely disappointed that members of the media who had so much negative to said about Sherman have not apologized for their harsh comments.

Following breaking up the pass, Sherman ran over to Crabtree and smacked him on the butt and said “Hell of a Game” while extending his hand to shake as such of a “good game” gesture. Crabtree proceeded to shove Sherman in the face igniting Sherman to give Crabtree the choke sign and the emotional interview with Erin Andrews. Listen to Richard Sherman’s comments to Crabtree after the play and ask yourself if you had negative things to say about Richard Sherman if you need to check yourself. Check out the video above.

Sherman’s Post Game Interview:

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