TM88 – Sacii Lyfe (Mixtape) (Hosted by DJ Outta Space & DJ Plugg)

April 15, 2015 0


Atlanta’s sound is evident all over music today. No matter if your listening to a rap song, R&B song or Pop song, nine times of out ten it has a ATL influence and it’s very possible TM88 was behind it. Super producer TM88 has released a new 16 track project entitled ‘Sacii Lyfe’. ‘Sacii Lyfe’ features artist Tracy t, Spiiker, Ethan Sacii, Lil Uzi Vert and more. The future is now for TM88 and he is making that clear with the production on this project. Listen to TM88’s new project ‘Sacii Lyfe’ below.

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