‘Rush Hour 4’ Billboard Featuring Diddy Has Appeared In Los Angeles

April 26, 2015 0

Diddy_Rush_Hour_4-500x500 'Rush Hour 4' Billboard Featuring Diddy Has Appeared In Los Angeles
After several years of rumors that the film is underway, a billboard for Rush Hour 4 has appeared in Los Angeles. Jackie Chan spoke about the fourth installment of the film series saying “No, show me the script first. I don’t need another Rush Hour 4. You need Rush Hour 4,” leaving many to believe the film wasn’t happening but it seems that it now is.

Diddy and Byung-hun Lee are featuring in the huge billboard that reads Rush Hour 4 with Face/Off 2 underneath it followed by “The Rush Is Back.” The ad suggests that Diddy and Byung-hun Lee, who has been dubbed “new Terminator” will be replacing not only Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan but also the iconic Face Off duo John Travolta and Nicolas Cage.

Diddy shared a picture of the billboard via his Instagram, but there has been no official announcement from anyone else involved in the movies. It is very possible that the production companies/directors have decided to bring new faces to their respected movies to shake things up. We’ll have more details when they come in.

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