Wale Sits Down With MTV (Video)

April 2, 2015 0

FullSizeRender-24-500x279 Wale Sits Down With MTV (Video)

Wale takes some time out to sit down with MTV News Nadeska Alexis to discuss a plethora of subjects. You might look at Wale as an unhappy person but let it be known it is just his facial expression and vibe. Catch Wale open up throughout the video to Nadeska as he talks his new project, artists, relationships, miscarriage and more. Wale opens up a good amount about people putting him under a microscope and analyze his every move which the artist says he does not necessarily enjoy. Wale goes on to discuss how he does not like being famous but he is certainly glad to not be working at a KFC or some other odd job. Wale emphasizes his new project which had an idol and friend of his in Jerry Seinfeld heavily involved. Catch the interview below….

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