Change Of Heart: Tory Lanez Says He’s A Drake Fan (Video)

February 15, 2016 0

tory-lanez-heigth-353x500 Change Of Heart: Tory Lanez Says He's A Drake Fan (Video)

Tory Lanez is on the rise with his 2015 hit “Say It” still living on urban radio with heavy rotation, but has had a cloud over his head for a while. He and Drake are both from Toronto, but see haven’t exactly seen things eye to eye as it pertains to representing the city. It started a few months back when Tory took to Twitter to let the world know how he felt about Drake referring to Toronto as “the 6”, then during a freestyle on Sway In The Morning he threw shots at Drake clowning him for “freestyling” on his Blackberry some years back.

I know these n*ggas about to act scary. T.O. nigga, only spitting without the Blackberry,” rapped Tory around the 18 minute mark in this clip.

Most recently Drake responded subliminally on Summer Sixteen with: “all you boys in the new Toronto wanna be me a little.

Now, it seems as if Lanez is taking the high road by saying he is in fact a Drake fan in an interview with Revolt TV.

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