Kaze Jones x Ariano – Lessons

October 10, 2017 0

Kaze Jones is not just a rapper that talks the talk…Kaze walks the walk. A founding member of Dusty Crates, was well as a math teacher who taught in Redondo Beach High School, in a addition to a Charter Middle School in South Central, CA. Some use rap music to glorify their own ego, while others use their skills to connect with people through the craft of lyrics and delivery. Kaze, who’s no stranger to LA’s underground scene, would be categorized into the latter. In 2017 he connected with Southern California’s Hip-Hop Vet, Ariano. “Lessons” is both a gritty and emotional track, whereas Kaze delivers intense ‘lessons’ in his verses, as Ariano provides a raw honest hook, coupled with his musing production, tying the collaboration together. Stream and support “Lessons,” which is now available worldwide through all major digital retailers.

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