Shad Notes & Tee Pimpin – Gifted 1.5 (Mixtape) Hosted By DJ Nophrillz

June 20, 2017 0

unnamed-22 Shad Notes & Tee Pimpin - Gifted 1.5 (Mixtape) Hosted By DJ Nophrillz

Loyalty is the name of Philadelphia group that consists of two people “Shad Notes” and “TeePimpin”. They decided to name the group Loyalty because Loyalty represents faithfulness and strong commitments you have to someone. Their love and passion for music have made their brotherhood stronger which is the reason why they make great music together and have a unique different sound that they are ready for the world to hear.

Not only do they both have a strong passion for music Tee Pimpin and Shad Notes have both lost their parents (TP mom, SN dad) and both have young beautiful daughters they promise to give the world to someday which is the reason why they go so hard perfecting their gift in music everyday.

The first project they released together was “GIFTED” last year and had a lot of eyes and ears tuned into their mixtape which helped them gain a huge fan base quickly, it had people from the United States to the Ukraine listening to Loyalty mixtape “GIFTED”. They recently released there newest project “GIFTED 1.5” and the anticipation has been at is all time high because of the success from their last project. It’s hosted by DJ No Phrillz Philadelphia’s number one elite Dj’s Aka Mr. International. They have an amazing/fun personality and charisma, very energetic and humble. The way they work and think leads me to believe they will be around entertaining us for a long time.

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