Mike Tyson Records Soulja Boy Diss Track w/ Chris Brown

January 9, 2017 0

Yes. You read that correctly. Mike Tyson recorded a Soulja Boy diss record with Chris Brown.

While he’s not taking on a full verse, Tyson is heard contributing to the song’s hook. I guess the tension between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy is not easing up any time soon.

If you show up, it’s going down. I’m gonna teach him how to knock your ass down,” is what Tyson is heard repeating throughout the record. Breezy has not yet recorded his verse for the single, but the two already plan to drop a video for it as well. Oh boy.

As for training Chris Brown for the “big fight” with Soulja Boy, Tyson confirmed, “I’m training Chris. He chose me as his trainer to take on Soulja Boy. And Soulja Boy, what the f*ck you talking about? The only thing I’m gonna teach him is to bite somebody’s ear? Yeah, that’s right! I’m gonna teach him every dirty trick in the book to knock you out.”

Well, damn.

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