Killer Mike Performs “The Whole World” at the V103 Pop-Up Show at Philips Arena (3-25-17) (Video)

April 1, 2017 0

killer-mike-500x279 Killer Mike Performs "The Whole World" at the V103 Pop-Up Show at Philips Arena (3-25-17) (Video)

On Saturday March 25th, V103 hosted their V103 Pop-Up Contest at Philips Arena. During the show, some of today’s hottest acts hit the stage performing some of the biggest hits.

During the show, Killer Mike hit the stage with Big Boi to perform their hit record “The Whole World”.

Watch Killer Mike perform at V103’s Pop-Up Concert below. The concert was covered by Terrell Thomas (Eldorado). The concert was shot and edited by Danny Digital.

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