Pressure The Series : Episode 1 “I Think I Love Her” (Video)

February 6, 2017 0

If you haven’t had a chance to check out SeeTheSound’s new hit series “Pressure” now is your chance. The first episode of “Pressure” debuted on February 1st to wonderful reviews. WeHardProductions who created Bankroll Fresh’s movie “TakeOverYourTrap” starring Bankroll Fresh, 2Chainz and Skooly are back at it again with new original content.

In the first episode of “Pressure” the Series, Chance, a local hustler and Rich, a emerging rap artist. Rich has a show out of town so Chance pick’s him up from one of his girl’s apartment. Before going to the Airport they must make one stop. Checkout Pressure The Series : Episode 1 “I Think I Love Her” below and watch upcoming episodes  on SeeTheSound’s youtube channel.

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WATCH “Pressure” here

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