60 East & Ariano – The Light

April 16, 2018 0

the-light-500x329 60 East & Ariano - The Light

“A lot of people used and abused you, but all you ever wanted was the light.”

There’s a new American epidemic affecting every community in the country. Drug dealers hiding in the shadows have been replaced by doctors with advanced degrees framed on a wall. Addicts look more like soccer moms than stereotypical junkies. Millions are caught in its grip, but those who are still struggling, and those who have come out on the other side, can see the depths of the disease. But just as many people can see the light on the other side.


There’s a new anthem for the fight and the search from the darkness. LA icon 60 East brings you “The Light,” featuring SoCal veteran Ariano. Warm, somber bass and hard-knocking drums set the stage for 60 East to take us on a lyrical journey, laced with pain and longing, of being in a relationship with someone trapped by addiction. His verses are raw and unfiltered, complimented by Ariano’s pleading hook.


“The Light” is the lead single off of the Circles EP by 60 East and Ariano. Produced by Ariano, 60 East takes to the first chapter of the Circles EP with the ups and downs and the fight and the love of relationships.


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