Have You Been To Red Lobsters Lately?

June 16, 2008 0

I have been to Red Lobsters last weekend, yesterday and I have just come home from there tonight. I am not the richest person in the world, the food is great but not that great…

But they have this new dessert that drives my taste buds crazy. I was originally a big fan of the Chocolate Wave but I have switched my favorite dessert to the Warm Chocolate Chip Lava Cookie.

(This is the actual picture off of Red Lobsters Menu)
ChocChip_Lava_Cookie_23122 Have You Been To Red Lobsters Lately?

Its a big gigantic muffin size warm chocolate chip cookie. The center of the cookie has a ball of chocolate.

(This is just a picture of what the center of the cookie looks like, this is not the actual picture)
volcano-cookies-002 Have You Been To Red Lobsters Lately?

They give you a scoop of vanilla ice cream which is good but since I am a pro at this ask the waiter or waitress for an additional second scoop because the one isnt enough to eat with the entire cookie. Trust me you will need two scoops. For only $5.99 I go straight to the bar when I walk in and sit down and order this and give the waitress a $10 bill. No questions or comments ask. I dont waste no time on this dish, a good 3 minutes and its done. I am ready to get seconds but I dont know if I can take all that warm chocolate in my system. Did I mention they entire dish has chocolate syrup on it?

I mean don’t go by my word because they was sold out at one red Lobsters location earlier tonight. I recently went to the King Of Prussia, Pa Red Lobsters they were sold out. Yes! sold out of a new dessert. So I had to drive all the way to Springfield, Pa to get my dessert.

Go ahead and dont try it, you will only leave more for me when I walk in there.

By the way did you see this months Nike Dunk SB’s? Well they just happen to be the Lobster Edition. In red too, Red Lobsters I want me a advertising check asap.
dunk_sb_pre_lobster_10 Have You Been To Red Lobsters Lately?

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