Doomsday Movie Review

March 24, 2008 0

doomsday_ver2 Doomsday Movie Review
I went to go see this movie last night and it was great. I never been so into a movie before a day in my life (well maybe a few times). I seriously could of sat in my seat for another hour or so had the movie been any longer.

For me the movie was great but when they started to drive the Bentley I was finished. I never wanted one of those so bad. I checked and for a used Bentley Continental GT 2007 like the one shown in the movie with about less then 4,000 miles will run you about $170,000. So don’t get like me and get your feelings hurt when you see the movie and decided that a Bentley coupe is the car for you because that price is a fucking 15 year mortgage for most Americans.

This is movie is Resident Evil meets The Warriors meet Lord Of The Rings meet 28 Days Later 300. This movie only had two play times up at King Of Prussia, Pa so that means its on its way out of the movie theater, “So Hurry Up And Buy!”

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