Rappers Respond To Down Low Tell-All, "You Could F*ck Up A Man's Happy Home"

June 6, 2008 6

A former MTV producer Terrance Dean has written a book about his experiences living on the down low in the entertainment industry. In the book, he describes the star-studded, “anything goes” parties that he has attended and provides detailed descriptions of closeted celebs.

Many rappers think that Dean is wrong for releasing this tell-all. “That’s so gay like for you to go and tell all this information,” said Chi-town emcee Yung Berg. [Watch Below]

David Banner agrees. He believes that those that are hiding in hip-hop should be given the opportunity to come out of the closet on their own and likens outing to snitching, a practice that is frowned upon in the hip-hop community.

“I hate this outing, man,” he says. “People are snitches. Everybody is snitches. You have to give people their opportunity. You wouldn’t want nobody to front on you and put your business out there.”

Berg also discussed the possible repercussions of Terrance Dean’s Book.

“You could f*ck up a man’s happy home,” he said. “It might be one of them dudes you talk about in the book that wear his boxers on…but he probably still got a wife and kids and you might f*ck up his life.”

St Louis rapper Nelly was a bit more diplomatic.

“He can say whatever he want to say, I guess,” Nelly said. “These are his experiences. If he’s coming out with things just to make money then yeah, it’s wrong [but] if he’s been violated by a person or some incident that happened to him then I think he has every right to express himself.”

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