Superstar Remix Ft T.I. and Jeezy

March 10, 2008 0

29954.LupeF1 Superstar Remix Ft T.I. and Jeezy
Dam TI kills the track. This is how the track goes, Jeezy warms you up with him trying to become lyrical ass lyrics. Well I dont know if he is trying to step his lyrics up but he is stealing Wayne flow with the whole say the same word bar after bar and think its hot. I know Rick Ross and Fat Joe tend to do this shit as well and they need to stop because they killing me with that baby rap.

Then Lupe comes on and give you that yeah its hot and its my only single and I been riding with it for the longest now here come the remix flow.

Then you have TI who spits that I have been on house arrest for a long time now and I had to keep rewriting this verse so that it can be better then Lupe’s. Shit TI spits so fast it sounds like he knows French. Straight piff, cant wait til the new TIP cd drops.

I mean Dam Lupe when are you going to drop another video or even single because your fans love your album. I hope he didnt up and think hey since Superstar is killing the billboard and air waves then I dont have to drop another single til it fades out. Or maybe he is like since I didnt do to good in album sales its no point for me to even do another video or release another single because it will only hurt my wallet and my next album budget.

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