Welcome to HipHopsince1987.blogspot.com

January 16, 2008 0

Grand+Opening Welcome to HipHopsince1987.blogspot.com
Yes today is the day this blog is created. I am tired of searching for news all over the web and today is the day that I create my own blog. I have always been a fan of hip hop since the day that I was born. Over the past few years I have learned and explored some more things to my liking of hip hop music and the culture as a whole due to close friends, music, and the world wide web. Well today I will start a website that will give you a take on the things in hip hop I seem to take care of. Stay tuned for daily post. My goal is to do at least 2 post a day. One post in the morning, with all the morning news before noon, and a post before midnight so don’t be afraid to check my blog through out the day at your school library, house, mobile phone or however you surf the web.

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