50 Cent Reportedly In Talks For $300 Million Deal

May 17, 2008 0

50 Cent is reportedly in negotiations with News Corp for a deal worth $300 million.

According to ThisIs50.com, the deal would begin effective 2009, at which point News Corp would take a large stake in every aspect of 50 Cent’s business: music, concerts, books, and G-Unit Records.

50 and the G-Unit crew would move under the company’s MySpace Records.

Sources also say that half of the deal is stock, which would result in 50 Cent would become one of the largest shareholders of News Corp.

ThisIs50.com would also be reportedly acquired by News Corp; the deal also includes a G-Unit book deal, and music publishing for 50 and the rest of his artists.

It should be noted that this has not been confirmed; when reports came of 50 Cent making money off of a buyout of Vitamin Water, the figures were initially significantly exaggerated.


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