Eminem Weight An Issue?

January 19, 2008 0

mm Eminem Weight An Issue?

Fa real when does this shit how much a nigga, correction a rapper weighs. Shit we have Biggie and Big Pun being heavy set rappers who were successful. Shit they say Eminem is a little over 200 lbs, I mean shit Im 195lbs, but Im 6 foot 3inches.

The National Enquirer alleges that Em has been eating too much Taco Bell and Outback Steakhouse, they quote random unnamed sources who are allegedly “close” to Em, but yet have no problem ridiculing the rappers body with lots of colorful detail?

Then, according to XXLmag, the fine folks at Slim-fast have taken it upon themselves to offer up a customized diet plan for Eminem. “Slim-Fast would love to offer Eminem product and assistance to help him become a potential S-F success story.”

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