Mr. Hightower Cuts Off His Hightop

January 19, 2008 0

steveharvey Mr. Hightower Cuts Off His Hightop

This is some funny shit, because for the longiest he has had one of the sharpiest cuts ever. But now Im just thinking Ya’ll know that was a toupee’ right? LOL. His
hair was always dark and like when your barber goes over your head with the clippers at the end of your cut to get the hairs standing up, Mr. Hightower had none of those. I understand he was on tv, so he could afford to get it shaped up all the time but come on, with afro’s your shit has to be flat and fucked up every once in a while. Withe bull it was perfect all the time. Maybe he was just he it like that and Im hating on him, I mean he is only 50 years old.

Steve looks great though! I’m not mad one bit. He is getting that money, and you can’t hate on a successful black man that doesn’t play basketball, sell drugs, or have hoes.

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