Prequel to "I Am Legend" talks resurface

July 30, 2008 0

1 Prequel to "I Am Legend" talks resurface
During this past weekend’s San Diego Comic Con, I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence revealed he has plans to make a prequel to the blockbuster movie that would have Will Smith back in his role as Dr. Robert Neville. While the plot and script are still in development and Smith is by no means attached to the prequel yet, it would definitely be another sure hit for Smith who is just coming off of $380 million in box office dollars for Hancock.

For those who remember, I Am Legend fills the back story of the virus and Neville’s quest to stop it through a series of flashbacks. However, the main focus of the movie was set on Neville’s isolation and dealing with living alone and less about the causes and effects of the virus. A prequel though would focus more on the virus, evacuation of the cities and transformation of the “mutated.” Is there enough back story here for people to care or is this just another sure way for Hollywood players to ride the success of Will?

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