Shaq Expenses

January 30, 2008 0

shaqshaunie Shaq Expenses
According to court documents, he estimates he has $875,000 in monthly expenses, which includes $110,505 on monthly vacations; $60,417 on gifts; $23,950 on clothes, dry cleaning and laundry; $46,500 on child care; $24,300 on gas and oil for four vehicles; $12,775 on food; and $468,345 on three home mortgages. On top of that, O’Neal pays nearly $500,000 a month in income taxes.

In the court documents dated Jan. 16, O’Neal itemized a list of expenses as massive as his 7-1, 325-pound frame. O’Neal, who earns $20 million a season from the Heat, said he brings in $1.6 million a month in basketball salary in addition to roughly $220,000 from business investments.

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